Do you only cut curly hair?

Yes, curls and waves are my obsession.

I'm not sure if I am curly enough. I barely have waves, am I still right for this?

Yes. It doesn't matter if you have a head full of ringlets or baby waves, shape and hydrate are still vital. My hair is wavy/curly. Depends on the day. heheheh...Sometimes, it's kinda dreaded.

Do you cut men's hair?


What about children with curls?

I don't do little cuts since it is a curl by curl method and education that is too long for them to sit through. Pre-teen age is when I start taking clients. Prices are same as adult. There is a group on instagram, I recommend following for parents of curly kids. It's called @mothersofcurl. In the meantime, condition, condition, condition. And braids. Braids are good")

Do you cut African American or other ethnic hair types?

If you wear it natural or curly, then Yes. I don't do relaxers, perms, or keratin treatments. I am the only hairstylist on the planet that doesn't own a flat iron. lol.

How long have you been a curl specialist?

About 6 years. I moved to Portland, Oregon from sunny So Cal and realized it rains everyday. So, I started researching how to manage my own curly mane. That's when I found out about DEVA and got certified. After that, I saw such a need in the wavy/curly community, that I decided to make that my entire focus.

How often should I get my hair cut?

Curly ladies are often trying to "grow their hair out" which can seem like it's taking forever. I recommend about every 4-6 months. Once you understand and see what shape looks like, you will know when it's time. If you wear your hair shorter, you may want to come in every 2-3 months.

What should I expect in my first experience?

First of all, don't be scared. I know you are nervous and have probably had some really bad haircuts. I looked like the Brady Bunch mom one time after a cut, and I cried my eyes out in the parking lot. So , I get it. But I will explain the cut thoroughly before ever picking up the shears so that you are comfortable knowing what we will be doing. After the shaping, you will be learning the basics of haircare. We will do a faux shower experience, teaching you how to cleanse, hydrate and set your hair. You will leave with it curly or wavy...which might be the first time you've ever left a salon with how your hair really is. How liberating is that?

Do I have to buy a bunch of expensive products?

I do have awesome products but I'm not a pusher. I'm more interested in you learning my two basic core concepts. Shape and Hydrate. If you follow me on instagram, you will notice I say this over and over. (if you don't follow me, head over to @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio and check out my work) I really want you to focus on technique.

I work during the week and notice you don't offer any evening appointments?

I work every other Saturday for clients who work 9-5. When checking the schedule, just look for the available Saturdays.

How come no one answers the phone when I call?

I don't have a receptionist and it's just me, in my little studio all day. I can't answer because I'm with clients. If you want to schedule an appointment, just click BOOK NOW or download the Vagaro app for your smartphone or pad.