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1. Do you only do curly hair? 

Yes. Curls are my obsession. 

2. What if my hair is only wavy? 

Yes. Wavy hair is part of the curly club:) If you have natural bend to your hair and would like the option to wear it loose, and carefree...you are perfect for dry cutting/shaping.

3. Do you cut men's hair?


4. My little one is starting to get curls, what is a good age to start shaping?

I don't do little cuts:) However, usually around pre-teen years, I start shaping and educating about how to take care of curls. The cost is the same as adult price. 

5. How come your prices say "and up"?

Because everyone has different lengths, density, texture, etc...it is difficult to say an exact amount without seeing the hair. It may take only an hour to go through someones hair that is fine whereas an hour and a half for someone with thick hair. If someone is getting a routine shaping it is going to take much less time than someone who is going for a completely new style. Also, during your appointment, we go through every strand of hair at the shampoo bowl. If someone has lots of tangles, this can take up a lot of extra time. 

I will say that with the Curly Cut, it usually stays within a $20 price increase for extra long or thick hair.  However, with highlights, there are so many more factors that go into your price. But, no worries, you will be given a quote before I start any color service.

6. How long have you been doing curly hair? 

I've been specializing in curls for about 5 years. However, I have had waves/curls all my life so I've been dealing with it since forever. I was certified in the Deva technique and my obsession for curls grew from there. 

7. How often should I get my hair cut? 

Curly girls are usually trying to "grow their hair out". Because the curls can spring up so much, it may seem like this is taking forever. So, I usually recommend keeping it shaped about every 4-6 months. For those with shorter styles, you may want to schedule for every 3 months.

8. Do you cut African American or other ethnic hair types? 

If it is worn curly, then yes. I don't do perms, relaxers, keratin treatments or flat irons.